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5 Tips To Avoid Crippling Boredom During Stay-at-home Orders

Hi there! Yeah, you there! If you're like me, you're searching for new things to do while you're stuck at home and practicing social distancing. You might have already done all of your normal favorite hobbies, and there's only so much TV binging you can do before it's all reruns. While I like routine, I also try to add variety to every day to improve my mental health. I've composed a list of 5 ideas to try at home during your extended stay-cation.


5. Pick a room and rearrange all the furniture.

By now, you've most likely cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. Well, if you have kids like mine it's "clean" for like a day or so, lol! Rearranging the layout of your furniture is a free, easy way to change your daily scene, and you'll uncover other areas that may have been overlooked. Regularly moving stuff around will help keep the dust off as well. If you can rearrange a whole room in a day or less, kick it up a notch and pick a new room every day to change something.

4. Spend more time with your kids.

I'm a father of two kids under ten, a boy and a girl. My daughter is "attached to my hip" constantly, and my son is more of the independent type. As a parent, I always make sure to balance my time between both kids and I try to be equal, but let's be honest... real life isn't always equal. You have to make an active effort to be aware of imbalances and take action on them. For me, that means teaching my daughter to be confident about doing things on her own, and teaching my son to improve his social skills. Think about your kids and write down 5 things you'd like to do this week.

3. Take an anti-social road trip.

I know...this one you can't do from home, unless you do a virtual tour of a zoo or an art museum. In my local area, our symphony orchestra hosted a virtual concert recently. If you absolutely have to "get out", then take a road trip with no particular destination in mind. If your state allows it, drive around exploring the state. Most drive thru's are still open for food. During your trip can find new places you want to visit when the stay-at-home orders are lifted. Tips: bring hand sanitizer, water, snacks, first aid kit, and plan bathroom trips ahead of time! (A lot of public places are closed, and Porto-potties are notoriously gross!). Go to the forest or drive along country/backroads.

2. Do a puzzle.

The bigger the piece count and the more complex a puzzle is, the longer it takes to finish. Puzzles are a great time-consuming activity that stimulates your mathematical & artistic qualities. Some people like to glue the finished puzzle together and hang it like a painting. If you're like me, though, you'll break apart the finished puzzle and start all over for more fun!

1. Discover new activities & hobbies.

The internet is full of billions of different hobbies and interests. Search the web for new hobbies, expansions to your current hobbies, and branch out of your comfort zone. Try searching for STEM kits (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics). STEM kits are the perfect way to cure boredom and increase intelligence. Build a robotic arm and program it to do your house chores, or a robot RC car to go collect your mail!

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